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System Requirements

A complete state-of-the-art 3PL logistics software solution for freight agents; freight brokers; freight forwarders and ltl freight companies. Visual LOADPlus is a full transportation brokerage system. It is not just a trucking software package with a little brokerage capability added. Visual LOADPlus is fully scalable. Throughout the United States freight logistics businesses of all sizes are using Visual LOADPlus to increase their profits!!! Visual LOADPlus can handle your company's needs regardless of size; user count or remote location. Visual LOADPlus supports most standard client/server DBMS' (e.g. Microsoft SQL Server, Pervasive SQL, IBM DB2, Oracle, etc.) This allows you to select the DBMS of your choice.

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System Requirements

VLP Online is the internet-based version of Visual LOADPlus. VLP Online has all the great features of Visual LOADPlus without you maintaining expensive hardware such as servers. VLP Online is fully integrated; Dispatch through Accounting with the same great add-on features like DOTPlus; eTracking; ePosting; Document Management and EDI.


Online load tracking information can be posted to the Internet directly from Visual LOADPlus for your customer's viewing convenience. The load tracking detailed information, the invoice image, selected load documents and all receipts are also available for their viewing.


ePosting is an additional feature for Visual LOADPlus and VLP Online that automatically post available loads from your system to various load posting boards including and Once the loads are booked, delete records are sent to the posting services removing the loads from the load boards.

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DOTPlus simplifies the process of verifying existing carrier information or adding new carriers. DOTPlus is updated several times a week from the USDOT and the FMCSA. With a mouse click you can get the safety rating, verify addresses and authorities on any carrier.

Document Management and Imaging

Document Management and Imaging is an add on feature that is available in Visual LOADPlus and VLP Online. If you have ever dreamed of getting rid of your filing cabinets consider upgrading with Document Management and Imaging with Bar Coding.


There are two versions of ICCPlus; a standalone version used by insurance companies and a version that integrates with Visual LOADPlus and VLP Online. ICCPlus contains information concerning authorized carriers, brokers and freight forwarders. This information is obtained from the USDOT. The information is presented in a data base format that is easy to use.

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